Product culture and technological innovation: the Neapolitan project that exports Italian coffee

The ‘espresso’ (coffee), in Naples but not only there, is an immortal icon of our culture. And what if we would want to enjoy the same taste of coffee at home as it is at the bar? Didiesse, a company from Campania (southern Italy) that produces coffee machines with environment-sustainable pods, takes care of it. Fulvio di Santo, owner and Commercial Director of the company, tells us about this development.

– How has Didiesse’s production diversified in its 20 years of experience?

“Our first market entry takes place in the OCS – Office Coffee System sector, which in 2000 was the prerogative of industries in northern Italy. Hence, encouraged by the success of our machines, we sense the potential of expansion in homes. This is how, in 2006, the Frog (espresso machine) was born: from design to materials, a machine that brings home a coffee as close as possible to the espresso (of the bar), which is still our workhorse today. We then entered the Ho.Re.Ca. Sector, with a professional line for small catering which, in the face of reduced consumption and simplified use, guarantees excellent results. Finally, we offer after-sales and training services for companies. By opening a direct communication channel, we put all our expertise at the customer’s disposal, to explain the product but also to tell about our way of working.”

– Which markets are you targeting?

“The certifications we hold allow us to safely export our products all over the world. We are also expanding our commercial network in the USA (with the UL Certification) and in China (with the CCC). In any case, even abroad our customers are purely Italian; a precious recognition of loyalty from an audience that understands the quality of our coffee machines, a product with a strong cultural connotation. For this reason, even when we utilize the sales channels of the large-scale distribution, we are committed to making people understand the added value of a quality product which, moreover, has the lowest incidence of breakdowns on the market.”

–What allowed you to succeed in the market so quickly?

“In twenty years, we have never abandoned two elements; choices of social responsibility which, at the same time, respond to a need for the highest quality. First, local production. Our machines are neither Chinese nor Italian: they are of Campania (southern Italy), from production to assembly, including 70% of the components. For us, the ‘Made in Italy’ is not an empty label: it is thanks to this productive investment that a simple domestic Frog espresso machine can make up to 400 coffees a day. The 2021 Quality Award is just the latest proof of this. Secondly, the use of pods. A choice also dictated by the synergy with Caffè Borbone, world leader in the production of pods whose founder and President Massimo Renda is also a 50% shareholder in Didiesse. We have always remained faithful to what is a choice of sustainability, 100% green, without additional costs and with greater coffee capacity. There is no reason to prefer the polluting and less performing capsules.”

Pointing to the competition, Didiesse launches its challenge to capsules, on the strength of a public awareness campaign that is already bearing fruit. In 2022, the company will improve the coffee break with interesting innovations, from automatic pod ejection mechanisms to machines with cappuccino makers, compatible with soluble products.

Google Translator – Originally posted:  Il Mondo