Frog coffee machines are perfect in any environment, even on a boat! Discover all their advantages.

Are you planning your next sailing holiday? Don’t give up on your favorite coffee.

Didiesse coffee machines can easily be taken on a trip with you. Just plug them into any power outlet and in seconds you can enjoy your usual coffee.

Do you want to find out why the Frog Revolution and Frog Collection coffee machines are perfect for your sailing holiday? Read on for our article.

They are simple to use

On the boat there is always the need to prepare food and drinks in a short time, to be able to explore new places, to dive into the water and take a good swim. This also applies to coffee. Making a good coffee with the Frog Revolution and Frog Collections is very simple. Just follow a few steps: insert the pod, lower the lever well until you hear a “clack”, press the appropriate button, wait a few seconds and enjoy the coffee.

They are easy to clean

Another need of those who spend their holiday on a boat is to wash and clean objects, dishes and small appliances in a short time. The Frog Revolution and Frog Collections are easy to clean and require very little maintenance. What differentiates it from other pod coffee machines is the method of adding water that should not be poured into a tank but by inserting a plastic or glass bottle, with a capacity of up to two liters, into the appropriate compartment. When the water is finished, the bottle can be easily removed and replaced with another, in order to ensure a greater amount of coffee and better hygiene and maintenance, avoiding limescale deposits.

They adapt to any space

Compact and light, with sinuous and soft shapes, the Frog pod coffee machines can be easily placed in any corner, adapting even to smaller spaces, just like those of a boat. Wide variety of colors available

The soft and rounded lines and their bright and bright colors make the Frog Revolution and the Frog Collection real furnishing elements to match any environment: at home, in the office and, of course, also on the boat. There are many shades available: from white to yellow, from blue to fuchsia, from hazelnut to ivory, from purple to orange … In short, it is practically impossible not to find the one that matches your style and preferences.

Exclusive and trendy collections

Make your boat a true icon by purchasing a trendy coffee machine. The Frog Collections all have exclusive textures, are unique and inimitable, designed to make your environments even more iconic. You can choose the one you prefer among the colorful Couleur, the elegant Black Soft, the sparkling Silver, the original Globe and the energetic Volcano. Or you can choose one of the three brand new Frog Collections designed to make you experience a Summer as a true icon.

Jazz Love, with its stylized decorations of treble clefs and musical instruments, is dedicated to those who love music and make it a real lifestyle, even while preparing a good coffee.

The Disco Dance ’80 is dedicated to the fabulous’ 80s, with an explosion of bright colors to make it very original and able to evoke the iconic atmosphere of Disco music in a club. But the most suitable of all for your boat holiday is the Procida, the Frog Collection dedicated to the Italian Capital of Culture 2022. Its shell evokes the shades and pastel colors of the enchanted village of Procida, with the mosaic of houses of Corricella, symbol of this wonderful island.

There is something for all tastes

Not just coffee. With the Frog you can also enjoy many other drinks. Thanks to the pod system, you can prepare barley, ginseng, tea and herbal teas. A single machine to satisfy the tastes of the whole family, of a group of friends at any time of day, even by boat. The important thing is to always use ESE pods with a diameter of 44.

And if you want to enjoy a good cappuccino? The Frog Vapor allow you to make an excellent cappuccino thanks to the steam wand, able to heat and froth the milk to be added later to the coffee. In this way you can enjoy a creamy cappuccino even on the boat, without regretting that of the bar.